Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project 3 (Make a New Plan, Stan)

Project [3]: ‘Make a new plan, Stan’ Paul Simon, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
This project will give you additional practice in drawing to scale as well as drawing section and plan of a space. You will have two final drawings for this project. As it is a project, the 5 iterations will be expected.
Draw out the floor plan of the 1st year studio in 1/4”:1’ scale. These plans will include dimensions, indicating the measurements of the space.  If you remember the dimensions from last semester, you can use those. Remember the plans in the library are bid drawings, and not as built drawings, so you cannot rely on those measurements. Indicate north on your plan. Label this drawing in your title block, indicating scale.
If you recall from our discussion on Thursday, floor plan drawings are cut by a picture plane, just as any section. Do you remember the height of the cut plane for a typical floor plan? Your plan should only represent fixed, architectural elements of the building.
Your second drawing will follow the same format. You will draw a section of either the North or South facing walls. Choose whichever you like and remembering to label accordingly. Indicate the location and direction of your cut plane on your plan view. Remember to include the dimension in this drawing as well.
On Thursday, you will bring your scaled sketches to class so we can discuss your progress.
Start your final drawings by formatting two 11x17 pieces of vellum as we did for the Martin Luther King, Jr. speech. The instructions are on Blackboard.
This project will be due Tuesday, January 31st.   

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